Software For The Specialty Chemical Industry

Powerful cloud-based software that speeds the commercialization of chemistry.

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What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is cloud-based software for the specialty chemical industry that facilitates the commercialization of new formulations.

In the industry, each specialty chemical company has its own set of proprietary processes to develop new products.

Alchemy’s configuration engine enables the rapid creation of a digital replica of a company’s best practices.

Who Can Use It?

Alchemy is meant to be used by all functions involved with the commercialization of chemistry, including those in the c-suite.

Alchemy spans CRM, PPM, Workflow Automation, Formula Management, and Analytics to optimize the process of going from concept to chemistry. All staff involved with commercialization can leverage the power of the platform – from Lab Techs, R&D, Sales, Chemists, and all the way to leadership.

The Result?

Each of our customers benefits from having its own, exclusive, digital platform with unique forms, workflows, project prioritization methodology, resource allocation approach, organization structure, access rights, and notifications.

The platform connects the right people, processes, and data involved in the development of new formulations at the right time and in the right ways.

The Bottom Line?

Alchemy provides an efficient path from customer need or product concept to final chemistry, so specialty chemical companies can commercialize products faster and more efficiently.


Cloud-Based Platform For Product Development

The specialty chemical industry creates tens of millions of new formulations each year. Alchemy supports this core business process with robust, collaborative, cloud-based product development software.

Increase Efficiency

New product development often involves many functions within a specialty chemical company. Alchemy connects relevant individuals across functions and provides an efficient digital path from customer need or product concept to final chemistry.

Alchemy customers are able to create value-added products significantly faster and more efficiently.

Codify Uniqueness

Each specialty chemical company has a unique structure and proprietary internal business processes.

Alchemy is highly configurable, so each customer can tailor its digital forms, workflows, permissions, notifications, and reporting accordingly.

Consolidate In The Cloud

Whether your product development is internally or externally initiated, Alchemy consolidates information, collaboration, workflow activity, and reporting into a single, real-time, cloud-based platform.

Accessed on both desktop and mobile devices, everyone will always be current.

Zero Footprint

Alchemy is an industry-cloud solution for specialty chemicals. There is no software to install, hardware to maintain, or costly upgrades. Simply log in and start your work.

Evolve At Your Own Pace

Because Alchemy was built for configuration, your platform is designed to evolve seamlessly with your business.

Leverage Technology

For many specialty chemical companies, new product development must be a core competency. Alchemy is the digital platform that helps turn chemical breakthroughs into commercial blockbusters.

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