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Integrated Digital Lab

Run an integrated digital lab

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Accelerate innovation, expand lab capacity and speed execution by running a digital lab

Digitally connect your people to all the lab data they need. Consolidate information from numerous single-purpose tools and software in an all-in-one cloud platform. Get data right off your lab instruments and from other software and into your lab notebook automatically. Speed execution in the lab, reduce manual data entry and errors, and ensure correct procedures are followed at all times.

Running a digital lab will transform your lab’s productivity. Enable your teams to deliver better solutions faster to meet customer and market needs.


Consolidate all your data from your electronic lab notebook, test equipment and other lab-related software in one place


Get a 360 degree view of all your lab operations


Increase the capacity of lab and technical service by speeding execution of work

Learn more about how Alchemy’s Integrated Digital Lab software helps specialty chemicals companies integrate all your lab data into one easy-to-use and easy-to-search software application.

  • Automate tasks to speed execution and increase the numbers of tests each chemist and lab tech can run
  • Integrate data from your lab instruments to reduce manual data entry, prevent human error and reallocate time to chemistry itself
  • Integrate data from other software programs into Alchemy so your lab teams have all the information they need in one place
  • Get an integrated view of all your lab data, within your customized test methods and processes
  • Access related lab data with sophisticated search of historical project work
  • Visualize and analyze current and historical lab data together with integrated test data visualization
  • Access the status of all your work in the lab from any device
  • Analyze data across all projects, labs, people and equipment to optimize resources for maximum throughput

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Leveraging their Integrated Digital Lab solution, we follow the same procedures we always have, but now all of the data from both our lab team and machines is captured electronically directly in Alchemy.

 - Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCC Lansco