Enterprise Cloud Platform

Proven cloud infrastructure gives you enterprise-grade reliability, scalability and security

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Built on the best - AWS

Alchemy is built on the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) world-class cloud infrastructure, a mature cloud platform specifically designed for the unique scalability, security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large enterprises.

All data is encrypted and our application is available through secure login from any browser or mobile device anywhere in the world.


Users will appreciate our fast application speeds no matter where they are in the world


Thousands of users involved with hundreds of workflows? No problem


Keep your data safe with the highest standards of data privacy and security

Learn more about our enterprise-ready cloud platform for specialty chemicals companies

  • Built on the best cloud infrastructure available - AWS
  • Extensive use of AWS native services for scalability, processing, database, access control, messaging, file backup and multiple layers of security
  • Keep your data safe with layered safeguards to protect all your data stored in redundant, highly secure AWS data centers
  • Maintain the highest standard of IT security without having to manage your own facility
  • European hosting for European customers
  • Internationalized platform for those doing business in multiple countries

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research, 2016 -