Digital Process

Modernize how your teams develop and monetize formulas

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Start your digital transformation by digitizing your core business processes

Streamlining the process between your lab, tech service and sales is key to unlocking growth. Alchemy’s Digital Process module gives you a closed-loop solution for your sales, service and lab teams to manage the end-to-end formula request, development and monetization process while supporting your unique workflows.

Modernize how your cross-functional teams work together with easy-to-customize software that is designed specifically for the unique needs of specialty chemicals companies.


Ensure labs get complete information for every request and streamline communication between teams


Speed up your processes with digital workflows and real-time visibility across every stage of a project’s life cycle

Grow Revenue

Focus on the highest-impact priorities - deliver samples and service to customers faster

Learn more about how Alchemy’s digital process software help specialty chemicals companies win more business and increase revenue

  • Set up every digital process to match your current or desired process - exactly
  • Start with complete and accurate requirements every time with digital lab work requests from every source – sales, technical service, product marketing, NPD, R&D
  • Create unique LWR templates by chemistry, group, project type, process and/or required time frame
  • Match requirements to historical projects so you never again have to start from scratch in the lab
  • Prioritize projects across every process and every team
  • Allocate resources based on capacity and expertise
  • Centralize all work for a project or prospect in one place to keep everyone involved on the same page
  • Build a digital library of project and process-related data to manage operations and optimize your processes
  • Access the status of all the work in your lab from any device
  • Manage all tasks assigned to you and by you in one place
  • Get notified automatically when it’s your turn to contribute to a project, your project moves forward, or one of your team members has a question
  • Get real-time status and visibility into every project across every lab by step, priority, chemistry, end market, customer, chemist, sales person or any metric important to your business

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research, 2016 -