Digital Lab Notebook

Build and protect a digital library of lab data with the same rigor you protect your other assets

Digital Lab Notebook screenshot

Capture, manipulate, and analyze lab data in a single application and leverage it in the lab and in your sales and service processes

Start capturing all of your test data electronically with easy-to-customize software designed specifically for chemists and lab techs. Centralize all test results so Sales and Tech Service can start monetizing trial formulas, while keeping the best attributes of paper, pencils and Excel.

Becoming a digital lab will transform your lab’s productivity and enable teams to deliver the best solutions to meet customer and market needs.


Leverage your past trials and test results data in new lab work and the sales process


Analyze your test data as well as any information you define and capture electronically


Accelerate the development of new formulas and differentiate your service for customers

Learn more about how Alchemy’s digital lab notebook and digital lab management software help specialty chemicals companies leverage lab data to streamline development, service and sales

  • Build and protect a digital library of comprehensive lab data intellectual property
  • Digitally define your test framework and all test-related information – objectives, process, equipment, test result data, analysis and conclusions
  • Analyze test data in app at the point of entry
  • Access and analyze related test data from other projects
  • Analyze data across all projects and labs to optimize resources for maximum throughput
  • Track batch and control information
  • Track recipes for all test and final formulas
  • Access the superset of requirements, trial and final test results to leverage in subsequent projects
  • Empower sales with sales tools dependant on this data - like requirements matching, test result matching, and cloning of past projects

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research, 2016 -