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Collaborative Sales & Service

Accelerate your commercialization

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Drive more revenue with close collaboration between sales, technical service, and lab teams

Keep everyone involved with development, sales and service processes up to date with modern collaboration tools built right into Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration Software. Go even further by automating many of the back-and-forth steps between your sales, technical service, and lab teams so you can sell your standard products, win custom formulation work more consistently, and provide outstanding technical service.

Already have an online CRM software solution for your chemicals sales team? We will connect your Salesforce or MS Dynamics CRM to Alchemy, and give your sales team real-time visibility into the status of their projects in the lab.


Make sure everyone stays up to date on all work with automated notifications and real-time status


Faster turn around on samples, with automated product matching and competitive offsets as well as more efficient custom work and tech service requests


Eliminate current silos and enable innovation across projects, functions and geographies

Learn more about Alchemy’s Collaborative Sales & Service solution for lab, chemicals sales, and technical service teams, including connectors to online CRM software.

  • Manage everything in one place – companies, contacts, customer and prospect lab work and service requests
  • Ensure your lab has full information for every new project and tech service request with customizable online lab work request forms
  • Give sales and service real-time updates on the status of every customer request, project, and sample
  • Streamline the process for product matching, competitive offsets, requests for samples, product enhancements, test requests, and tech service requests
  • Match new functional and technical specs to current products, or prior trial or final formulas to get samples out as fast as possible
  • Clone prior lab work requests as a starting point for similar new projects
  • Build out and look up competitive offsets to shrink customer wait time
  • Improve communication with personalized activity feeds and real-time event notifications
  • See all the sales and project-related metrics you care about in one place
  • Gain end-to-end visibility - from first contact to closed project
  • Transform how cross-functional teams work and empower innovation with built-in communication tools and real-time updates for cross-functional teams that need to work together

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Using Alchemy, we expect to convert more projects and win more business by measuring and improving each step of the chemistry innovation and sales process.

 - Ted Johnson, General Manager, Hauthaway