Collaboration Tools

Empower innovation and leverage your collective knowledge

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Collaborate digitally, transparently, and in real-time

Transform how teams work and empower innovation with built-in communication tools and real-time updates for every team and person in your company.

Keep everyone involved with the development, sales and service processes up to date with modern collaboration tools built right into the product.


Improve communication with personalized activity feeds and real-time event notifications


Make sure everyone stays up to date on important projects with real-time updates


Eliminate current silos and empower innovation across projects, teams and departments

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  • Leverage a digital corporate knowledge base to get your job done based on your access rights and permissions
  • Access customer, project requirements, test results, analyses, conclusions, customer requests, and customer feedback data digitally
  • See a real-time feed of activity from all your projects so you always know where things stand
  • Gain an extra day of productivity each week with all the information and research you need in one place
  • View smart Kanban displays of your tasks and your projects to monitor status and progress
  • Use project Gantt charts automatically generated by the system based on your workflows, your rules engine and steps taken so everyone on your team can see the same visual representation of project progress over time

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research, 2016 -