Alchemy Lab Management
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Manage your lab with the latest digital technology at your fingertips. Analyze data across all projects and lab staff and take action digitally. The net result is faster execution of projects, increasing the throughput of your lab.

  • Real-time resource allocation by capacity & expertise
  • Digital project prioritization
  • Complete, real-time visibility by step, status, priority, chemistry, end market, customer, chemist, salesperson, etc.
  • Access the superset of requirements and trial & final test results to leverage in subsequent projects
  • 100% customizable workflow automation that is ISO and stage gate compliant
  • Designed for the iterative and non-linear nature of trials, testing, and customer feedback

You don’t have to compromise.

Solutions exclusively for chemicals companies. The latest technology. Solving real business problems. Up and running in less than a month.

Alchemy CRM
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Any cell phone can manage contacts and any CRM can manage engagements with leads, prospects, and customers. With Alchemy, get more than standard CRM features. Get specialty chemicals functionality out of the box.

  • Digitize all in-bound lab work requests and build a central repository
  • Work off complete, accurate project requirements up front
  • Clone prior lab work requests for subsequently similar projects
  • Match requirements to historical projects, so you never start from scratch in the lab
  • Look up competitive offsets in real-time
  • Have visibility into the lab for status of lab work and samples