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Curious about digital transformation and how it can help you sell more cleaning chemicals & detergents? Alchemy’s Digital Transformation Software Suite helps you modernize how your teams develop and monetize your cleaning chemicals and detergents so you can meet rising customer expectations, beat the competition, and drive more revenue.

Our online SaaS platform is designed specifically for the unique needs of cleaning chemicals and detergents manufacturers and is 100% customizable to support your very specific processes.

Learn how Alchemy’s online SaaS platform helps you develop, sell and service your cleaning chemicals and detergents faster and better so you can impress your customers.

  • Modernize how your teams that develop, sell and service your cleaning chemicals and detergents work, collaborate and innovate.
  • Leverage a closed-loop online SaaS platform for your lab teams, tech services and sales reps to manage the end-to-end formula development, monetization and service processes. Alchemy’s robust online SaaS platform includes products for lab teams, R&D, NPD, tech service, sales, product marketing, compliance and management.
  • Match your data, your workflows, and your business exactly with Alchemy’s Total Control Customization Center. Our online SaaS platform makes it easy to customize every field, screen and workflow to support your exact data requirements and complex processes that are unique to cleaning chemicals and detergent manufacturers.
  • Capture all test data electronically and centralize all test data so you can jump start development of your future cleaning and detergents formulas.
  • Accelerate sales and simplify your IT stack with a unified CRM solution designed specifically for selling cleaning chemicals and detergents, performing custom formulation work, and providing technical service.
  • Empower innovation and transform how teams communicate with built-in communication tools and real-time updates for every person in your company.
  • Simplify compliance and ensure processes are followed every time during the development of your cleaning chemicals and detergent formulas with online workflows, online audit trails and documentation that make certifications and audits a breeze.
  • Experience the power of full digital transformation with real-time reports and insights across your lab teams, R&D, NPD, tech service, sales, product marketing, compliance and management operations.
  • Get enterprise-grade security, scalability and performance with our online SaaS platform built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) world-class cloud infrastructure, a mature cloud platform specifically designed for the unique scalability, security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large cleaning chemicals and detergent manufacturers.

95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research, 2016 -

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