Industry-specific software to accelerate chemistry development, sales and service

Whether you’re working on new products, a new formula, or helping customers get the most from your current products, Alchemy accelerates your chemistry development, sales and service processes so you can delight your customers and monetize more of your work.

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Empower your lab teams with a fully-customizable lab notebook designed for the chemicals industry

Customizable Lab Notebook

Centralize all lab data electronically with structured and searchable bench work and lab reports.

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Run a fully-integrated digital lab

Integrated digital lab

Integrate data from your lab notebook, lab instruments and other systems automatically in Alchemy to speed execution in the lab, reduce manual data entry and errors, and ensure correct procedures are followed.

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Accelerate commercialization of your formulas

Chemical CRM

Improve collaboration between sales, service and lab teams so you can get samples to customers faster and close more business.

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Analyze your formula development and
commercialization processes

Reports and Insights

Get insights across lab processes, projects, teams, prospects and service requests with real-time reports, data visualization, and integrated analysis.

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Keep projects and people on track to increase
lab capacity and speed execution

Project Management and Task Management

Ensure all procedures are followed properly, keep projects on track, and automate steps to save time and increase lab capacity.

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Digital Processes

Modernize how your cross-functional teams work together with easy-to-customize software that is designed specifically for the needs of specialty chemicals companies.

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Simplify compliance and ensure processes are followed

ISO Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Digital workflows ensure your teams follow every process correctly, while digital audit trails and documentation make certification and audits a breeze.

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Match your data, workflows and business - exactly

Customization Center

Get full control to customize everything in Alchemy to match your exact forms, exact data, exact processes, and exact business rules with just a few clicks.

Easily change any field, name, workflow or report as your business evolves – yourself. No coding required.

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Enterprise-grade security, scalability and performance

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Alchemy is built on the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) world-class cloud infrastructure, a mature cloud platform specifically designed for the unique scalability, security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements of large enterprises.

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95% of chemicals CEOs plan to innovate around technology over the next 3 years to drive improved process innovation.

 - IDC Research -

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