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An Overview of Alchemy

Alchemy Team  Alchemy Team   |   August 14, 2019

The Specialty Chemicals Industry Is Unique

The specialty chemicals industry has the most complex intersection of innovation and commercialization processes of any industry we have evaluated. What drives this complexity?

A Gap in the Market Exists

Up to now there hasn’t been software tailor made to accelerate innovation at chemicals companies. Most software was built for traditional industries with straight forward product development and sales processes. See below:

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There isn’t great software that facilitates the non-linear workflow of lab projects and chemists. Here is an overview of common legacy software running in labs and their primary drawbacks:

New Era of Innovation in Specialty Chemicals

But what if you could accelerate innovation and speed up your commercialization process? How many new formulas could you develop and sell to customers? How much more business could you win?

We’ve identified 3 trends ushering in a new era of innovation in the chemicals industry and see the ability to innovate quickly becoming the primary criteria for success in the next 10 years. Faster innovation isn’t just important for the bottom line, it will determine your place in the market.

Accelerating Innovation and Commercialization

That’s why we built Alchemy – to help specialty chemicals companies accelerate innovation and commercialization so you can speed time to market and win more business. We have built modern cloud software for lab, technical service and sales teams. Our Alchemy Chemistry Acceleration Software includes four products built on a very flexible platform specifically for the chemicals industry.

Alchemy products include:

Together, they make it easy to take steps toward digitalizing all your lab operations. The Alchemy platform:

Alchemy Customers are Already Moving Faster

Below are just a few examples:

We look forward to helping every chemicals company accelerate innovation and improve service delivery. Click here for more information about our product suite.

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